Interventional Radiology
2015-2016 academic year
RADI 45000 | 100 units
Course Type: Elective - Clinical

    Dr. Rakesh Navuluri   
Primary Instructor:
    Navuluri, Rakesh 773-702-3844  
    Laura Pawlak   
Location on first day:
    CCD 5 West (5‐195)
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The Vascular and Interventional Radiology rotation is a month long course which provides exposure to all aspects of vascular and interventional radiology including care of patients in an ambulatory clinic, management of inpatients, as well as exposure to a broad spectrum of procedures.


The primary goal of the Vascular & Interventional Radiology rotation at the University of Chicago is to introduce medical students to the specialty of vascular & interventional radiology (VIR).

Upon completion of the rotation, students should also:

1) Acquire knowledge of established and evolving sciences pertinent to the subspecialty of VIR (this includes an understanding of the anatomy, physiology, disease processes and physics of diagnostic imaging) and apply this knowledge to patient care.

2) Develop an understanding of the role of the interventional
radiologist in the health care system.

3) Develop interpersonal and communication skills that allow timely and effective written and verbal exchange of information between the interventional radiologist and other members of the healthcare team, and, between the interventional radiologist and the patient.

4) Develop a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and adhering to ethical principles.

5) Develop skills and habits that allow for effective appraisal and assimilation of scientific evidence.


Final grades for the rotation will be based on 2 components:

1) Students will be evaluated by the VIR faculty using a grading system based on the well-established ACGME endorsed general competencies (patient care, medical knowledge, practice based learning, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and systems-based practice).

2) Students will be required to give a 10 minute case presentation during the weekly Thursday morning VIR section conference.

Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Monthly Basis during the following months:

This course is not offered on a Bi-weekly (two week) Basis, or no schedule has been set at this time

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Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

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    Fourth year
    Visiting Student (from LCME Accredited Medical Schools Only)


    Consent of Instructor